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Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick Have Potty Mouths

Both Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick are in the news due to obscene language used at MetLife Stadium last night.

Ryan is being investigated for comments he allegedly yelled at a heckler last night. He could be looking at a fine from the league.

In the video, linked by CBS Sports, a fan shouted to Ryan as he walked off the field at halftime, "Hey Rex, Belichick is better than you." Ryan fired back at the fan, saying, "Shut the f--- up."

I know Rex was angry about the touchdown the Jets allowed before the half, but I don't have a ton of sympathy for him no matter what happens. He has been around long enough to know how to ignore somebody taunting him. There is no way a professional should have such thin skin in any circumstance. He has already apologized.

Belichick had a vulgar comment after the game.

"Thirty-seven points on the best defense in the league, s--- my d---," the Patriots coach said in celebration.

You can say whatever you want when your team wins. If the Jets don't like it, they should have won. With that said, this was not terribly classy. The Patriots kind of like to pretend they're above classless behavior. They aren't, though. If Rex Ryan said this, it would be national news for a week. The media just likes its narrative that the Jets talk a lot, and the Pats are classy. I think the two teams are really similar. The Jets are just more honest about who they are.