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Flight Connections 11-14-11


QB Mark Sanchez wants to play again already.

WR Santonio Holmes is up for SBNNY Player of the Week.

S Jim Leonhard thinks winning the the division is now unlikely.

Associated Press: The Jets bemoan their mistakes.

New York Times: The Jets are reminded of who is in charge.

SB Nation: It was business as usual in Week 10. The Patriots seize control of the AFC East.

The Record: If the Patriots are the measuring stick, the Jets are on the short end. Their dream shattered, the Jets still have a tough task ahead.

Wall Street Journal: The Jets will travel 1,770 miles after three days' rest.

SNY Why Guys recalibrates the division.

Art Stapleton: Patriots QB Tom Brady silences all the doubters.

New York Post: Patriots HC Bill Belichick mocks Jets' defense with vulgar phrase.

Former Jets QB Ray Lucas joined Twitter recently.

Former Jets WR Laveranue Coles was in town this weekend.