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Will There Be Residual Effects From This Loss?

Last year the Jets got blown out by the Patriots in their biggest game of the regular season. This game had a lingering effect as they lost a sloppy game in the rain to a mediocre Dolphins squad the next week. This is natural. After putting so much emphasis on a game, losing it takes some wind out of a team's sails and makes it lose confidence. Fortunately for the Jets, they had banked enough early wins that they could afford their hiccup against Miami.

I am worried about how this team will respond to this loss. This was different. The 45-3 loss to the Pats last year was easier to swallow in some ways. The Jets got their doors blown off from the very start. They never had a shot. Last night the Jets had a number of opportunities to take control of the game early, but they dropped interceptions, blew assignments, and saw drives stall. This game was at home in front of a fired up crowd. The Pats were reeling entering the game. This was a chance to take control of the AFC East and establish New York as the best team in the division.

How can this not affect the team going forward, especially heading to a tough road venue on a short week? In real life, some breakups do not mean anything. When you really think you are going to marry somebody, and they dump you, it takes time to get over. It affects your mental state. This was supposed to be the Jets' big moment. This has to be a wounded team right now. They did not just lose. The Pats toyed with them in the second half. The Jets are not as secure in the standings as they were heading into Week 14 last year. They cannot afford residual effects.