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New England Patriots at New York Jets Game Thread

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It is finally here. The Patriots and Jets hit the field tonight. Sole ownership of first place in the AFC East is on the line due to Buffalo's loss in Dallas today.

It is easy to overstate how important this one is. Last year's Jets-Pats game with both teams at 9-2 seemed like the end of the world. We all know what happened. Just three years ago tonight the Jets and Pats played a game at this point of the season with first place on the line. The Jets won. The Pats finished two games up in the standings. There is a lot of football left no matter what happens. With that said, that game three years ago was significant. It gave the Jets an edge. It literally took an epic collapse for the Pats to regain the upper hand. In conclusion, this one might not be the end all, but it is pretty significant.

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