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Talking Points Announcers Will Beat Into the Ground Tonight

You know, Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick are both extremely successful, but they have very different styles.

You know, Danny Woodhead started his career with the Jets, but they cut him. Now he is with the Patriots.

You know, Shaun Ellis is a former Jet. In fact, the Draft pick the Jets used to get him was compensation for the Jets allowing Bill Belichick to go to New England.

You know, the Jets were on a two game losing streak when they played a road game in New England last month. Now the Patriots are playing a road game against the Jets on a two game losing streak of their own.

You know, the Jets hope that one day Mark Sanchez will be as good of a quarterback as Tom Brady is.

You know, these teams played three times last season, including a Playoff game, and it is possible they will again.