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Flight Connections 11-11-11


Happy 11/11/11, and Happy Veteran's Day!

NFL players want to play for HC Rex Ryan.

OC Brian Schottenheimer is still available as a potential head coach.

Offensive assistant Tom Moore will be honored in Indianapolis.

QB Mark Sanchez has had to work with different receivers.

C Nick Mangold is central to the Jets success.

RB Joe McKnight and other returners' high numbers may be misleading.

WR Santonio Holmes wants you to meet someone special.

ILB Bart Scott can't wait to hit the field.

Has CB Darrelle Revis really been subpar against the Patriots?

Associated Press: Revis is one of the faces of the NFL in 2011.

Associated Press: The Jets defense is showing signs of dominance.

SBN New York: The Jets are back in contention.

Daily News: The Jets seek to ground the Patriots.

The Post: The Jets and Patriots know each other very well.

Newsday: The Jets offense has the green light in the red zone.

The Fifth Down: Are the Jets really better than the Patriots?

The Fifth Down: It's the rivalry everyone is talking about.

Star-Ledger: The Patriots no longer looks like a dynasty.

Wall Street Journal: Score first to top the Patriots.

Deadspin: Is it time to lose faith in the Patriots?

The Record looks ahead to the game.

JetNation previews the game.

Jersey Jets Fan previews the game.

ESPN New York scouts New England. seems surprised that Rex finds Colts QB Peyton Manning better than Patriots QB Tom Brady.  However, Ryan has consistently said through the years that he thinks Peyton is the best.  I know this has been a relatively quiet week, but come on.

OSN: Sanchez and Brady prepare for the matchup . . .  with each other.

An oldie but goodie from The Journal: Why the Jets can take chances.