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Mike Pettine Offers a Glimpse of Game Plan Against Tom Brady

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Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine spoke to the press yesterday and shared some thoughts about an area of weakness for New England and how it affects them.

"I think losing the center [Dan Koppen] has affected him," Pettine said. "It seems to me that he gets a little more anxious at times, where before you would see him sit in that pocket and not move and scan the field."

The Jets have always tried to get pressure on Brady using exotic blitzes. After watching the Steelers and Giants beat him up the last two weeks, expect the Jets to do some of the same things.

We saw with Nick Mangold how much an injury to the center can hurt an offensive line. It is not always obvious. It can be as subtle as a struggling center requiring help from a guard, pulling the guard off his man. The tackle has to slide over to take the guard's man, and a back has to pick up the tackle's man.

The Jets have had success against Brady when they have made him jittery. It sounds like they are going to try and put stress on his protection to see how it holds up.