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Plaxico Burress Says He Will Be Ready Sunday

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Plaxico Burress has run into back issues this week, but he says he will be ready to play against the Patriots Sunday.

"It feels good," Burress said in front of his locker. "I’m making progress. … I missed (practice) yesterday and today. I’ll be out there tomorrow and be ready to go Sunday."

"I just feel confident he’ll be ready to roll," said head coach Rex Ryan at his daily news conference.

This was pretty common for Burress during his time with the Giants. He frequently sat out practice but was able to perform at a high level on Sunday.

Plaxico has been rounding into form the last two games. He is starting to look sharper coming out of his breaks, and Mark Sanchez is getting more comfortable putting the ball in a position for Plax to make a play on it. I am looking forward to seeing what he can do against New England's struggling pass defense.