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Run Stoppers Need to Play Big Again

Much like last week, the big run stoppers on the Jets are going to need to elevate their games. The first priority when playing the Patriots has to be slowing down their passing game. This means extra defensive backs against their spread sets. It can create mismatches in the run game since few players line up in the box.

In order to be successful, the players in the box must win their assignments. Any one who loses a matchup could be responsible for the defense getting gashed on the ground since there are less big defensive linemen and linebackers than usual on the field to cover.

This puts an extra onus on guys like Sione Pouha and David Harris this week to play like they did against the Bills. If these guys can help stop New England's run offense, the rest of the defense can dedicate itself completely to playing the pass. It is what happened when the Jets beat the Pats in the Playoffs last season.