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A Few League-Wide Thoughts

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-Rob Ryan thinks he'll be a head coach soon, he more or less said as much within 24 hours of taking personal responsibility for the 34-7 blowout of Dallas by Philadelphia. Brother Bob says his days as an assistant are numbered, and that his accomplishments will make Rex's pale in comparison.

I like Rob, but he also said that he couldn't think of another HC who has made back to back AFC Championship appearances (there are several, including some eventual winners). Rob's bold declaration of future promotion contrasts with his teams performance right now. The timing just seems off.


We could really benefit from Tim Tebow staying at the helm of this team for a few more weeks until they face the Jets. Kyle Orton can and will do much more damage than Tebow ever could. While unlikely, it's not impossible for Tebow to make it that far as a starter, he would have to survive two weeks of AFC West Rivals Raiders and Chiefs. I'm not optimistic just from watching him the past two weeks, but that game will be a gift if Tebow is still under center.


Did Belichick really benefit all that much from cutting Leigh Bodden? You have the worst secondary in the league by far, I don't see how your team gets any better by cutting the one guy that has had a good season in the past few years. Yeah, Bodden had tremendous downside, and missed all of last year, but what better do they have? Dowling just went to IR. Their only remaining corners with experience are Devin McCourty and the oft-banged up Kyle Arrington, who together account for the starting components of the worst passing defense in the league.The Pats are two injuries away from an all-practice squad secondary.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind. I just don't see the logic in pairing down when you're neck and neck for leading the division with Buffalo and New York. Especially when you have nothing to supplement it with but untested UDFA's.

We need the Pats bottom ranked defense to lead them to an implosion the next few weeks versus ourselves, the Giants, the Eagles, and possibly even the Chiefs because after that the Pats schedule gets soft as a puppy and they WILL win out with Brady under center. Unless we can beat them, the Pats will walk into another division title like cake.

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy

We need the AFC North to go down in flames in a big way. As it stands right now The Bengals Ravens and Steelers are all in prime position for a playoff seed. I expect the Bengals to take care of themselves as they have to meet Baltimore, Houston, and Pittsburgh twice still. That will be too much for a team led by a rookie QB-WR tandem.

I hate to say it but the Steelers winning out could actually benefit us and knock The Ravens Bengals and Chiefs right out of the hunt. It's a troublesome trade off, as it means there will likely be at least two great QB's in the playoffs in Brady and Roethlisberger. But if the Steelers do their work, and the Jets can sweep the Bills, that takes almost every wild card competitor out of the equation. The AFC West will mostly eliminate itself as the Chargers and Chiefs schedules get notably more difficult from here on out. Only one team will emerge from the South and West to make the playoffs, leaving us in prime position. But it's going to take a lot of wins from both the Jets and Pittsburgh to clear that field out.

What recent events around the league do you feel impact the Jets season the most?