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Inside Linebacker Approval Rating

Heading into the season, inside linebacker was one of the biggest strengths of the Jets. Bart Scott and David Harris comprised perhaps the best duo in the league.

I think both have been disappointing this season. The pair of linebackers was a big part of New York's elite run defense in years past. This year the pair has not been as effective. A number of the big runs we have seen against the Jets have come because one of the linebackers either could not get off a block, missed a tackle, or overpursued a play. The Jets allowed over 4 yards per carry prior to the bye.

Harris and Scott both have deserved track records as excellent players inside, but I think they have been relative disappointments this year due to inconsistency. Improvement in the run defense in the second half of the 2011 season will require both men to pick up their respective games and play at the same high level they were at last season.

What do you think?