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The Runway: Five Questions With Pats Pulpit, Part 5

My final question for Greg of Pats Pulpit deals with how injuries could impact the game.

When you look at the injury report this week, which one player on the New England side's status will make the biggest impact on the game?

I'll give you two players: defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and tight end Aaron Hernandez.  Both are listed as questionable, and both returned to practice this week.  Hernandez is expected to play, but his role might be limited.  If he does have a large role, he makes the Patriots offense so much more dynamic with his ability to produce mismatches anywhere on the field.  And as you have probably read, the Patriots have really struggled to create a pass rush this year, as the team is dead last in yards allowed in the NFL.  Having Albert Haynesworth back in the line-up might not be the answer, but he might be able to help if he's actually healthy and motivated.

Thanks to our AFC East buddy Greg. We will be sure to have him back in a few weeks for the game at the Meadowlands.