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The Runway: Five Questions With Pats Pulpit, Part 4

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I ask Greg from Pats Pulpit what the opponent did right in New England's one loss this season compared with other opponents.

The Pats are 3-1. What exactly did Buffalo do right that the other three opponents failed to do?

 They took what the defense gave them, minimized their mistakes in the second half, and capitalized on turnovers - picking off Tom Brady four times.  When you throw four interceptions, you're not going to win many games.  It's as simple as that.

Well said. Perhaps it is ambitious for Jets fans to hope Brady is in for another due day. There is nothing wrong with hope, right? In all seriousness, one thing the Jets really do need to do is finish once in the red zone today. No matter how well the Jets play, Brady is probably going to make some plays. The Jets need to take advantage when they have chances.