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The Runway: Five Questions With Pats Pulpit, Part 3

My third question for Greg from Pats Pulpit deals with a new face who could make an impact. We heard many big news stories about additions like Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth. Our resident Patriots expert thinks a guy who generates less headlines has been a more significant addition thus far for his team.

Which new addition has made the biggest impact for the Pats so far?

I'm going to go with the long time former Kansas City Chiefs guard Brian Waters.  The Patriots have seen contributions from many of their other new pick-ups, but nothing sustained.  Brian Waters was thrown straight into the fire as a full-time starter at right guard less than a week after being signed.    The season-ending injury to center Dan Koppen only made his role grow.  And all year long, Waters has looked excellent.  He's played nearly every snap for the team and is still playing at a Pro Bowl-level.