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The Runway: Five Questions With Pats Pulpit, Part 1

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Greg Knopping, the head man at Pats Pulpit was kind enough to field five of my questions about today's game. The first one deals with a rookie standout in New England who has struggled in his second year. That player is Pro Bowl cornerback from Rutgers, Devin McCourty.

After a great rookie year, it seems like Devin McCourty is off to a slow start. What is the story there?

 To be honest, I'm not too sure myself.  Teams seem to be targeting McCourty at a really high rate and no one really has a clue as to why.  He has been getting beat off the line more than in 2010 and he hasn't really made plays on the ball when given a chance.  I still believe McCourty is a stud.  I still believe he is going to recover.  However, there's no doubting that he's going through a rough stretch / sophomore slump.