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New York Jets Need to Get Mark Sanchez Going Early

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The issues New England's pass defense has are well known. The Jets are more than likely going to have some matchups to exploit in the passing game. The question is whether they can. The same was true last week, but the New York offense never got going. Pass protection was a major issue. No routes could develop with all the pressure on Mark Sanchez so corners squatted on the short stuff. A big part of the issue was also Sanchez, though, who seemed to lose confidence. When he threw, he was badly off target. The ball came out of his hands poorly many times. It seems like the hits took their toll.

In order to give Sanchez some confidence, Brian Schottenheimer needs to give Mark some high percentage passes early. That means safe things like bootleg passes where he is on the move and not going to get hit. I mentioned yesterday getting Plaxico Burress in one on ones is another good idea. Throwing it up to the receiver with a big size advantage is safe. They can try screens.

Part of the battle really is making Sanchez feel comfortable early.