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Darrelle Revis Will Be on Wes Welker

Florio has a quote from Jim Leonhard indicating where the Jets will put their All World cornerback.

Leonard said that the plan is to put cornerback Darrelle Revis on Welker "as much as possible."  It won’t be every play, but it will be more often than not.

"You have to try to take away what a team does best," Leonhard said.

This move has its benefits. It limits the looks Tom Brady's favorite target will get. It forces the Pats to adapt. New England has many good weapons. The Jets can take away one with Revis. They seem to have opted for the best of the targets.

I think Kyle Wilson's emergence has a lot to do with this decision. With Wilson playing well, the Jets now have three good cover guys. They feel they can trust Kyle to handle an outside receiver. This differs from the scheme the Jets used to great success in the Playoffs, but I think we need to see the total package to judge. I am nervous at the thought this creates a Deion Branch-Antonio Cromartie matchup given the way Branch torched Cro in Foxborough during the 45-3 game, but the Jets might create an entirely different matchup with the scheme they run. New York could not do the exact same things this time now that Brady has had nine months to examine how the Jets confused him. Some tweaks were probably necessary. I understand putting the best corner on the planet against a receiver on a record setting pace.