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New York Jets Week 5 Fantasy Football Outlook

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This is a week where pretty much any Jet on offense looks like a good fantasy play. The Patriots have the worst pass defense in the league. They are also giving up 4.8 yards per rushing attempt. For some context, Adrian Peterson has a 4.6 average. Runners have actually been more productive against this New England defense than Peterson has.

The normal caveats apply. The first is the inconsistency of Mark Sanchez, which brings fear that any game could be a fantasy meltdown for him and his skill players by extension. The second is the way the Jets spread out their targets. That could mean famine for any one player. Finally, the offensive line needs to pick things up.

On the other side of the ball, the defense does not look like a great play. We all hope they will slow down Tom Brady, but Brady and his offense have been playing on another level. It is possible the Jets will have a good game, but I would strongly consider playing another defense.