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New York Jets Considering Activating Jarron Gilbert as a Tight End?

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Cimini tweets the Jets might replace Bryan Thomas with a practice squad player who has moved to the other side of the ball.

#Jets will fill Bryan Thomas' roster spot before NE game. Could be practice squad DE Jarron Gilbert, who has been practicing as a TE.

That is interesting. Between this and Joe McKnight playing corner, Rex Ryan is clearly not shy about envisioning new roles for players with unique skill sets.

Gilbert might not be active anyway. It is difficult to imagine him being active to play tight end since he only has a few weeks working at the position. He is known as a freakish athlete so perhaps there is potential long term, but asking him to master technique and other fundamentals at a new position might be a bit much.

He could certainly flip over to the defensive side of the ball a bit. Gilbert looked solid there in preseason. He also blocked a field goal so although he might end up being bottom of the depth chart feeder, he could conceivably contribute in all three phases of the game if called up.