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Is Antonio Cromartie's Reputation Drawing Flags?

Of Antonio Cromartie's five penalties in the past two games, three of them looked suspect on the replay. I worry this could be part of a disturbing trend. Perhaps his reputation is going to start leading to calls against him.

Cromartie is pretty notorious at this point for being a corner whose first instict is to grab once a receiver gains an upper hand on a route. He draws too many flags. Perhaps the past few games have been an abberation, but it is a concern to see flags thrown on good coverage.

It is entirely possible this is due to something other than the officials missing a call. Cro's style of play might be working against him. Perhaps now when officials see anything borderline, they will assume holding took place and throw a flag in number 31's direction, even if he actually was in good coverage.

On the other hand, Cro probably gets away with his share of holds so maybe it all evens out.