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Game Ball: Joe McKnight

Unlike other weeks, this game ball is easy to give out. Joe McKnight was clearly the biggest impact performer the Jets had on the field Sunday. It started on the opening kickoff where he forced a fumble. He then added a franchise record 107 yard touchdown return on a kickoff. In the process, he probably ended the return platoon and won the job outright from Antonio Cromartie. As if this was not enough, Joe got some defensive reps. Remember last year when he was working with the defense in practice because the secondary was banged up, and Rex Ryan was raving about him? Apparently this was not just lip service. As a blitzer in the second quarter, he pressured Joe Flacco. Flacco buckled under the pressure and threw an interception that David Harris took to the house.

The irony is Joe made an impact in two of the three phases of the game. The one area he did not make an impact was his natural side of the ball, offense. He did not even get a touch, which was puzzling. The Jets were having trouble blocking and making big plays. Who better to give some touches to than a homerun threat adept at making people miss. Joe might have had an even bigger game had he gotten more touches.

Even so, he wins our game ball.

Who gets your game ball?