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New York Jets Problem: Offensive Coordinator

We now talk about a problem that frustrates many Jets fans like no other,the offensive coordinator.

The Problem: Brian Schottenheimer is probably not as bad as his fiercest detractors would suggest, but he does maddening things. While he has some really good moments, there are too many other times where he asks too much of his quarterback, overthinks things, and does not put his guys in a poisition to succeed

Who Is to Blame? Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum who seemed to strongly suggest Rex Ryan retain Schottenheimer when Rex was hired as head coach.

Viable Options to Fix the Problem: The most drastic move would be to replace Schottenheimer with the one coach on the staff who has run a successful offense, Bill Callahan. Schottenheimer's performance this year does not justify it, though, and it is unlikely.

The more likely scenario is Rex Ryan getting involved in the offense when things go awry as he has in the past two seasons. Eric Mangini's inability to do so might have cost him his job more than anything else in 2008. The problem is Rex getting involved in the past has led to a scaled back offense that focused on the run. It was a necessity in a way due to Mark Sanchez's struggles. It was also possible because the Jets had an offensive line that dominated the point of attack. This year Rex insisting on ground and pound might do more harm than good with Sanchez capable of doing more and the offensive line a shell of its former self run blocking.

Prognosis: Schottenheimer was young and inexperienced when he took the job. Lately he has shown signs he is finally growing into it. Still, Schotty is what he is. There will be plenty of times he will leave Jets fans furious with him.