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Draft 2012: Eye Catching Performance Of The Week

One of the worst things about being a international fan of this sport apart from the time difference is that we have to take what we are given. So with college football, as much as I would like to watch my team every week, that's not always possible. On the plus side it does mean that I watch teams I usually wouldn't see. So with that in mind, I'm going to go with the performance that caught my eye this weekend.

As you would expect, the performances that catch my eye are going to be geared towards the potential draft choices the Jets could make in 2012. I watch NCAA ball first as a Jets fan, second as a football fan. So I tend to blank out the performances of quarterbacks and such at the moment as the Jets won't be drafting early there.

I was treated to the high scoring top 25 matchup of Oklahoma v Kansas State. Oklahoma coming off it's first defeat of the season to Texas Tech and Kansas State yet to lose. One would expect a close encounter but Oklahoma blew Kansas State out with it's high powered offence. Although Landry Jones threw for over 500 yards and 5 TD's. It's Ryan Broyles who gets the tip of my hat.

Broyles is a record setting receiver who recorded 131 receptions last year for 1622 yards and 14 TD's. He already has 10 TD's over 1000 yards and 81 receptions. Yesterday he hauled in 14 receptions for 171 yards and a touchdown. Broyles is a greattalent that will likely fall to the second or even third due to some top class receivers and a deep draft in general. He's listed at 5'10 and 180 lbs but plays bigger and stronger however some teams gets caught up with the measurements and slot receivers can really drop


Now we have just taken a receiver for the slot and I don't think there is any doubt that we should be looking at a target receiver on the outside. So I'm not saying that we should draft Broyles. His future in the NFL is in the slot, he reminds me of a more refined, better Jordan Shipley who you will remember I loved coming out of college. However he's a receiver and he is just great to watch, if something happens between now and the draft to make him drop, well I would love to consider him.

His talent lies in his route running which is not something that you say about a lot of receivers coming out of college. He is extremely smooth in his cuts, his array or routes are impressive, he gets separation and has great recognition about when and where to sit in coverage. Yesterday his clean cuts, great hands and after catch moves were on show. He doesn't have the speed that will make your draw drop, but because he moves in and out of his cuts without losing speed or balance, he plays extremely quick. He has to work on coming off press coverage but on short curls, slants and screens he has the potential to take it to the house every time.

Despite his small stature he is as hard as nails, in a way that may remind some of a certain former #80 for the Jets. Although he likely won't be a Jet going forward, I think whichever team takes him is getting a receiver that can contribute from week 1. He certainly caught my eye yesterday.