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Matt Slauson Talks the Talk

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But can he walk the walk? Manish Mehta is reporting via Twitter that Matt Slauson said that Wayne Hunter is an upgrade at right tackle from Damien Woody. He said that he knows he won't get a Christmas card from Woody anytime soon, but that the offensive line is about to "pop." In a good way, apparently.

Since his disastrous start, Hunter has steadily improved and has done very well against good pass rushers like Cameron Wake. Hunter has apparently relied on Slauson to wade through the criticism mentally, and to improve his consistency. I'm happy to see confidence in our offensive line, and we need a big game from them this week. Last season we ran all over the Bills, and we will need that to continue if we are to win this weekend. Marcell Dareus seems to be everything he was made out to be before the draft, registering 2.5 sacks this week against the Redskins. We're going to need some push this week from our line to give Shonn Greene some running room. We'll find out soon enough if Slauson has bite to go with his bark.