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What Are the Problems?

After a two game losing streak, it is natural to be upset. It is also natural for the usual media suspects to call for panic. These people want fans to pay attention to them so they take shots at the Jets and push the envelope. Such calls are, of course, useless. The Jets are not in huge trouble at 2-2. There are plenty of ways the season can go.

Like most teams at 2-2, Gang Green has had stretches of great play and stretches of awful play. Plenty of teams have overcome similarly uneven starts to correct what was wrong and have great years. Some have even gone all the way. The way a team looks the last time it played is not necessarily the way it will look all year. Just look at last year. The Jets lost 45-3 in Week 13. Six weeks later, they beat the same opponent at the same venue and really controlled the game from the second quarter on. The Jets are on a two game losing streak. The first loss came as a result of play on defense we are unlikely to see again. The second came as a result of play on offense we are unlikely to see again. These were two incredibly bad performances on one side of the ball.

Make no mistake, though. There are real issues on this team. The Jets are probably going to mitigate at least some of them in order to right the ship. Saying a good season is in the bag would be just as inaccurate as saying it is time to hit the panic button.

Every single team in the league has issues.Fortunately for the Jets, they are not in a place like the Dolphins where it is probably too late to correct them. The results of the season will be determined by the way each team's coaching staff adjusts to its weaknesses and each team's talent improves to eliminate them.

Instead of just saying, "Panic time!" like some in the media have chosen to do, I would like to spend Tuesday looking at what I consider key concerns I have about the team, who is responsible for them, and viable options to correct them if any. This will give us a rational look at where the team is going and what we should look for. While I like the overall job the front office and coaching staff have done, they have made some mistakes along the way just as every front office and coaching staff have done. We can be honest about the team's shortcomings. On Tuesday I will have a post for each weakness. It is hardly too late, but these things are real worries. As always, your input will be appreciated as we examine the team.

Before we get there, leave your concerns about the Jets below.