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A Guide For Who to Watch Today (Early/Mid-Day Games)

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John's college game day thread has inspired me to make my own college football thread. Bellow, I will list the games and their times. I will also give you the names and numbers of some of the prospect playing in those games. If I can get a break from work, I will post the information for the games later in the day.

Florida State Vs. North Carolina State 12PM ESPNU: 


Brandon Jenkins OLB/DE #49 (Florida State): Jenkins is one of the top OLB/DE prospects coming out this year.

Nigel Bradham CB #13 (Florida State): He's a tall CB, that is putting up decent numbers in coverage.

Texas A&M Vs. Missouri 12PM FX:

Jeff Fuller WR #8 (Texas A&M): Fuller is an early round pick at WR. He has the perfect combination of height and speed.

Trent Hunter CB #1 (Texas A&M): Another decent CB option. We all know how much Rex loves his DBs.

Brad Madison OLB/DE #57 (Missouri): Brad is putting together a decent year as a pass rusher.

Michael Egnew TE #82 (Missouri): He is a big TE prospect that would improve any receiving core.

Penn State Vs. Illinois 3:30 ABC:

Derek Moye WR #6 (Penn State): Another tall WR, that will be climbing draft boards everywhere.

Whitney Mercilus OLB/DE #85 (Illinois): Mercilus is exactly what his name says. He is a beast at pass rushing, and against the run.

Michael Buchanan OLB/DE #99 (Illinois): Another fierce pass rusher and tackler for the Fighting Illini. 

A.J. Jenkins WR #8 (Illinois): A big play WR that can take it to the house anytime.

Oklahoma Vs. Kansas State 3:30 ESPN:

Frank Alexander OLB/DE #84 (Oklahoma): In my opinion, he is the 3rd best OLB/DE prospect coming out this year.

Ronnell Lewis OLB/DE #54 (Oklahoma): Alexander's counterpart is almost as good as he is. Both are early round picks.

Travis Lewis MLB #28 (Oklahoma): Travis is one of the top MLBers coming out this year. Maybe Rex wants some youth to grow behind Scott.

Ryan Broyles WR #85 (Oklahoma): Broyles can be compared to Holmes. I'll let you guys use your imaginations to picture what two of Holmes would look like.

Jordan Voelker OLB/DE #57 (Kansas State): He is a little unknown at this time, but could jump into people's heads with a good showing today.