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Tight Ends Approval Rating

Dustin Keller seems to have taken his game to the next level this year. He has a career high 14.9 yards per reception. He ranks sixth among tight ends in receiving yards. He is on pace for 850 receiving yards. Dustin is playing at a high level. It feels like he still should be producing more. There have been games where he has been silent. Part of it feels like gameplanning, but Dustin still does not come up with balls he can grab. He just seems tentative. A great example was the fumble last week against the Chargers. Sure, the ball was behind him. That was a fairly routine play, though. It is his job to put it away. When somebody takes the ball from you, it is a question of desire. Dustin could pull in more passes in his direction. With all of this said, I will sign up for what he has produced any day of the week.

Elsewhere, Matthew Mulligan has quietly done a pretty good job replacing Ben Hartsock as blocking tight end. Unfortunately, his hands are as suspect as Hartsock's, but the Jets are getting essentially the same production for a fraction of the price. The run game's struggles are not his fault. He has been an effective run blocker.

Jeff Cumberland looked like he was going to have a good year as a compliment to Keller receiving. His injury was unfortunate.

I approve of the tight ends. How about you?