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Wide Receivers Approval Rating

If you look at the number, the wide receivers on the Jets are not producing. Wide receiver is the most difficult position to evaluate, though. Numbers really do not tell the whole story. Wide receivers rely more on the other players than any other position. Offensive linemen match up one on one with other players. If the offensive linemen fail to block, quarterbacks can scramble and make quick throws if the blocking breaks down. Running backs can make an unblocked guy miss or break tackles. Sure, the other guys can make things a heck of a lot easier, but they can at least make things happen if things do not work.

Wide receivers are a different animal. A receiver can run a perfect route and do everything right. It does not matter if the quarterback gets sacked, the throw is off target, or the passer throws it somewhere else. This is probably why the position has such a bad reputation. Players get frustrated when they do their job, but it does not show up on the stat sheet.

With this in mind, I really do not think the receivers have been terrible. Mark Sanchez has started spreading the ball out more this season. That means less opportunities for individual players. Santonio Holmes is running good routes and has drawn some penalties. Plaxico Burress' timing seems off, but he has produced some. Derrick Mason is gone, but Jeremy Kerley has made some key plays.

I am not trying to scapegoat Brian Schottenheimer for all of the problems on offense, but I think he has been as big a part of the problem as anybody. Too frequently his gameplans have not tested a defense deep. When the defense does not have to defend the entire field, the cornerbacks can squat on everything short, leaving receivers covered.

Last game was very good.

What do you think?