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Offensive Line Approval Rating

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These ratings are elaborate calculations that take into account track record, performance to date, and estimations about future performance. It would be difficult to approve of the offensive line based purely on its play this season. The unit has had a lot of struggles before seemingly figuring things out the past three weeks.

There are two things to take into account, though. The first is Nick Mangold's injury. It is tough to replace the best center in the league with an undrafted rookie. Everything suffers. It can be as subtle as the new center needing help instead of winning a matchup by himself. That draws an extra blocker who could help elsewhere.

The second is the early play of Wayne Hunter. Just like last year, Hunter struggled as he worked his way into the lineup. Just like last year, he found his sea legs after a few weeks. The Jets had good offensive line play at the end of last season. Hunter was starting then and not a liability.

I think the success we have seen the last three weeks is more an indication of what this offensive line is going to do than the struggles of the first four weeks. I approve of the work the unit is doing.

Do you?