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Mike Pettine Approval Rating

It is difficult to judge coordinators when the head coach is very active on their side of the ball. Mike Pettine is Rex Ryan's right hand man. Because head coaching duties prevent Rex from spending all of his time with the defense, he has to delegate to Pettine. Nobody really knows how much he delegates from week to week. Reports indicates things vary, but it is clear that both men are important on that side of the ball.

Perhaps Pettine's most important job is being a guy who can tell his boss, "You're wrong." Everybody in a position of authority needs somebody like that to stay on track. One good example came in the Playoffs last year against the Colts. The game plan called for the Jets to not attack Peyton Manning, playing coverage instead. Reports indicate every time Rex wanted to dial up an exotic blitz, Pettine was in his ear urging his boss to remember the plan and how Manning eats blitzes for lunch.

I think Pettine is a very good coach. I have a tough time giving him a ton of support for this season, though. All of the defensive lapses mentioned earlier with Rex apply to him. There have been too many big plays where guys have been out of position. There have also been too many undisciplined moments for the defense. Pettine does not get the same kind of credit for setting the focus in the locker room. I think I will approve of what he is doing by the end of the year, though. I have faith he will get things straightened out.

How about you?