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New York Jets Jersey Buying Guide

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Hey folks. I've seen this segment on other SBNation sites, and since it's the bye week, figured it was time to bring it here. This is your official bobdolethesnapplelady-approved list of what jerseys are acceptable, and not acceptable, to wear. I've broken it down into four categories. This includes current players, former players, legendary players, and alternative jerseys. I couldn't cover every jersey that exists, but I think I've gotten most of them.

The ranking system I instituted is to show how awesome you will look wearing a shirt with another dude’s name on it. In the comments below, let us know what jersey you wear on game day, which one you would like to get, and if you disagree with any of my thoughts. Let me be clear; I do not mean to insult any player or person that owns one of these jerseys. These opinions are nobody's but my own. But let’s be real. If you’re wearing a New York Jets jersey, you’re probably already awesome.



Current Players

Darrelle Revis

  • This is one of those jerseys that you just cannot go wrong with. Normally I don’t support buying a jersey that EVERYONE has, like a Tom Brady or Troy Polamalu, but Darrelle Revis is so consistent, so legendary, that even when the Jets have a bad day, Revis won’t. I’ll give this one a 5/5.

Mark Sanchez

  • The problem with a Mark Sanchez jersey is twofold. First of all, he’s so inconsistent that you don’t know if you’ll be proud to wear this jersey or ashamed of it. Second of all, so many people have it that you won’t really stand out. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a Mark Sanchez jersey, but know what you’re getting yourself into. My suggestion; wear this only during the playoffs. 3/5.

Bart Scott

  • Are you loud? Do you like to trash talk? Do you embrace the Fireman Ed chant like it’s a loyalty oath to the United States? Then this jersey might be for you. This is my personal jersey of choice because I talk trash like none other. But be aware that there are times when Scott disappears or gets truly stupid penalties. But if you consider yourself to be more badass than you really are, like Bart Scott and myself, then go ahead and get this jersey. 3/5.

Antonio Cromartie

  • I really advise against getting this jersey. I like Cromartie and I think he’s better than people give him credit for, but this is another Sanchez jersey in the making. He’s just too inconsistent to represent on your back every Sunday. I would suggest getting this jersey if you’re Al Davis and love athletic freaks or have a ton of children. 2/5.

Nick Mangold/D’Brickashaw Ferguson

  • I have so much respect for anybody who wears either one of these jerseys. They’re really interchangeable in my opinion. But these are two Pro Bowl players that you never hear much about since they work in the trenches. I love seeing these jerseys on big men or tiny ladies. I like the irony at work. You simply can’t go wrong with either one of these. 5/5.

Jim Leonhard

  • Are you white? Are you shorter than average? Do you have a chip on your shoulder? If so, then this may be for you. Last I checked you would have to order it custom, but it’s worth it. I have a friend that’s undersized and plays safety for my college’s team and he rocks this every week. And you know what? Every week he looks badass. I can’t give this one a perfect rating because Leonhard isn’t elite and we don’t know how long he’ll be with the Jets, but this is a good jersey to have. 3/5.


  • Here I just want to give a warning about rookies and older players. I suggest caution when purchasing a jersey from one of these two groups. With rookies, you don’t know how good they’re going to be, and you don’t want to be one of the people stuck with a Vernon Gholston jersey. On the other hand, be careful when selecting a jersey from an older player. You don’t know how long they’ll be with the Jets (I’m talking about you, LaDanian Tomlinson) so unless you love the person as a player and not just because they’re a Jet, be wary.

Exception: Kenrick Ellis

  • Kenrick Ellis is the exception here that proves the rule. You simply cannot go wrong with an Ellis #93 jersey. Beast mode. 5/5.

Former Players

Brett Favre

  • Don’t be one of those guys with a Brett Favre jersey. If you have one already, draw either a 1 in front of the 4 and change the name to McElroy, or a 2 and change it to Revis. 0/5.

Curtis Martin

  • All the rest of the guys on this list are classics. They’re not in the legendary category because Mitchell & Ness doesn’t make their official throwbacks, but if you have one of these guys, wear it with pride. All of them represent what it means to be a Jet. I remember when I was a kid that EVERYONE had a Chrebet or a CP10 jersey. But in this case, that isn’t a bad thing. All of the below jerseys get a 5/5.

Wayne Chrebet

  • Underdog? Check. Clutch? Check. Tough as nails? Check. Wayne Chrebet is everything you could want in a Jet. Just remember the Monday Night Miracle and be proud you have a Wayne Chrebet jersey.

Chad Pennington

  • He was injury prone, but he was still awesome, in my opinion. The one issue with this is you may have to talk with Dolphins fans, since they like him as well, but it’s probably worth it, even if not for your sanity.

Vinny Testaverde

  • I remember going to the game when Testaverde blew out his Achilles. Doesn’t matter; still a badass jersey. This one is especially good since very few people it seems have a Testaverde jersey.

Mitchell & Ness Throwbacks

  • The one issue with the Mitchell & Ness Legendary Throwbacks is how expensive they are. Most are over well over $200, and you need to be careful that you don’t get wings or beer all over it. But you just can’t go wrong with a Namath, Klecko, Gastineau, or Walker jersey. I would suggest these jerseys for older fans that lived through their eras, or can afford to eat the loss should they accidentally ruin the jersey. 5/5.

Alternatives (Titans Throwbacks/Pro Bowl)

  • I’m not a huge alternative jersey fan. I love our jerseys the way they are. If you wear a Titans throwback, be prepared for comments from people who hate the colors. If you’re wearing a Sanchez throwback, be careful of Raiders fans that may throw hotdogs at you. The only exception I can think of to this rule that I would have is a Revis Pro Bowl jersey. But that’s because you know he’ll be there every year. 2/5.

It’s very difficult to go wrong with a Jets jersey. Unless you’re selecting a Kerry Rhodes or a Brett Favre jersey, all of these guys are worth of being represented. Even a 2/5 on my ranking system is still better than a 5/5 for any other team. Granted, I’m listening to the Friday Night Lights soundtrack now so I may be especially nostalgic, but I’m of the opinion that you should always tend towards the classic players, the ones you know you can count on every Sunday to cheer you up from a bad week. In any case, good luck if you’re purchasing a new jersey, and wear it with pride.