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The Bye Week Blues

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It's the bye week folks. I hope everyone finds a way to fill their Jets void with something. As for the players themselves, I hope they find a way to relax and heal. At the same time, these guys need to stay focused. The bye week has come at a time, where our players desperately needed the rest. I'm sure a few people would have liked us to ride this momentum train as far it would take us. I am one of them.

The bye week has not been kind to teams in 2011. Out of the 12 teams that have already had their bye weeks, only 3 have won their game the following week. Is this a fluke, or does this thing have some teeth? Part of the new CBA deal, requires that players get more time off during the bye. The players must be given, at the very least, 5 consecutive days off. Jon Gruden even made light of this on Sunday Night Football. This doesn't only mean physical practice. They can't even be in the building for game tape review. The sample size is still a little small for this theory to be proven. We will know more after this Sunday. If the results mirror the ones of the last few weeks, than the Jets will be facing another hump to climb over. I for one think we play better when there is adversity. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.