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Old-School GGN Continues: Breaking Down Every Position on the Jets

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 23: Shonn Greene #23 of the New York Jets dodges a tackles from Quentin Jammer #23 of the San Diego Chargers at MetLife Stadium on October 23, 2011 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 23: Shonn Greene #23 of the New York Jets dodges a tackles from Quentin Jammer #23 of the San Diego Chargers at MetLife Stadium on October 23, 2011 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
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A day of nostalgia continues, as I will try to explain the state of every position on the Jets, at least in my opinion. John asked the three of us to flll in for taday, and I am happy to oblige. Things are going well at BR, but I just don't get a chance to write a fan very often. 

By the way, if you like reading my stuff, check the NFL page on Sunday morning and afternoons. A lot of my stuff just doesn't make it off the cutting room floor, but if you search my name you can see everything I have written. 

Anyway, let's get to it. As most of you know, these observations are based off strictly what I see, not what some talking head tells me. 

Quarterback: El Sanchito is playing much better than people realize. Personally, I throw out the Baltimore game - he had no chance. When things are going right around him, Sanchez is pretty good. When the protection breaks down or the running game falls off, Mark starts to suck. 

Running Back: Shonn Greene is a man's man. He really calmed down and played well against San Diego. I remember one play when he hit Eric Weddle so hard that Weddle almost came out of the game. He's never going to be a good lateral runner, but when he is calmed down a bit, he can be a load. Tomlinson is perfect in his role, don't change a thing. 

As for everyone who wants to get Joe McKnight more involved: There simply aren't enough snaps to get all these guys the ball. Greene is the kind of back that feeds off more and more carries as he wears down a defense. Look at last year when he split time with LT - he never got into a rhythm. If you also want to get the ball to Holmes, Keller, Plax - there are only so many snaps in a game. Not everyone is going to have huge stats in a ball-control offense. 

Receivers: We know who Holmes is. Plax is a completely different receiver than Sanchez has ever thrown to. He's not going to get wide open too often, but he will come down with the ball more often than not if you give him a chance. That kind of chemistry takes a lot of time.

I said in preseason that Kerley was better than Mason. Now, Kerley is better than Cotchery and Mason.  

O-Line: We know who Mangold, Moore, and Brick are, but Brick had some bad plays here and there so far. Not worried about it. 

Slauson, quietly, has become a very solid player. He is MUCH better in pass pro. I am very impressed with Wayne Hunter's improvements. I am astounded that Rex foresaw such a drastic improvement. 

Continued after the jump:

D-Line: DeVito is a stud. He is our third best defensive player.  If you don't believe me, watch what he did to Logan Mankins.

Pohoua has been solid as well. Why MTV keeps going back to the practice squad without anyone claiming him baffles me. Dixon has done some good things as well. 

Wilkerson is headed for stardom. If he can get a little bigger in terms of weight, he is going to be tough to block. His wingspan is too tough to handle. 

ILBs: Harris has been solid; not quite as good as 2009, but its noticeable when he is not in the game. His pass coverage has really improved. I feel like Scott is declining a bit in terms of speed, although his performance against Dallas was spectacular. 

OLBs: The big news here is Westerman, who has played well enough for me to really wonder why he never saw playing time until this season. It's the worst part of Rex Ryan, if you ask me, how he rarely trusts younger, more talented players. Sometimes, while it may make you feel more comfortable, it hurts your team's potential. I probably should mention how Pace is an absolute monster in the run game, and has been rushing the passer much better this season as well. 

Maybin has been a nice surprise, but let's take a step back before you order your authentic jerseys. I am not thrilled with the idea of him getting more playing time: He is in a perfect role for him right now. Even when he does get a sack, its always a hustle play; he never really beats a tackle, especially the good ones, outright and gets home quickly. He is flushed out on a lot of plays. However, his speed is very welcome in an otherwise slow front-seven. 

CB: I guess Revis is okay. He should probably see a lo of playing time. Just a suggestion. 

Cromartie is playing better than most think. You want to know why Revis is seeing al this attention al of a sudden? Part of it is because Cro is having some decent games, its just all you see are his bad plays. I like his competitiveness. 

Wilson is playing much better. I don't know if he ordered a smaller jersey size or something, but he just looks like a completely different guy. He is actually very good in the ru game, a good blitzer, and a good tackler. Strickland has proven to be a solid signing so far.

Safeties: Jimmy L has been okay, but nothing to jump out. 

Eric Smith needs to be benched. I love his aggressiveness against the run, but how many times is he the guy trailing when the opponent completes a pass. Teams consistently go after him, and he rarely responds. He is best suited to be a "big nickel" player. It's time to get Pool more involved, because it seems like every time is in he makes a nice play.