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Jets Work Out TE Shawn Nelson

Manish Mehta is reporting that the Jets have brought former Bills TE Shawn Nelson in today for a workout. This continues the tradition for the past couple weeks of bringing tight ends in for workouts. Nelson is 6'5" and 273 pounds. He was the fourth-round pick by Buffalo in 2009 and has 20 receptions for 181 yards and a touchdown in 17 games. He was suspended for the first four games of last season for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

I wouldn't be too shocked if the Jets sign Nelson for a week or two, mostly to grab whatever information they can off of him on the Bills offense. He hasn't been in the system for a bit though, since last year, so I'm not sure he would be that helpful, or would know anything that the Jets don't already know. Anyway, I'll keep you all updated on any further roster moves.