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Aaron Maybin to See More Playing Time

In just over 40 defensive snaps spread over four games, OLB Aaron Maybin has recorded three sacks and three forced fumbles. Jenny Vrentas is reporting that Maybin is expected to receive more playing time as a result of his great production. The coaches have been slowly feeding the playbook to Maybin in hopes of keeping it simple. They've reduced his responsibilities from what he was expected to do with the Buffalo Bills, trying to keep him in a largely pass-rushing role. Obviously this seems to work well, and hopefully they don't just start inserting him on run downs, as he's been pretty ineffective in stopping the run. He clearly has a ton of talent and I suspect we're only getting a preview of his potential. Maybin has said that he specifically chose the Jets because he knew the coaches would use him right here, so I don't see him going anywhere after this year.

I just can't wait to see what Rex has in store for when Maybin returns to Buffalo next week.