Halfway Through-A Look Back to the Off-Season

Well, here we are. We're 4-3 heading into the bye off of a great win. Most people saw us at this point with this record, only switching the Raiders loss with the Chargers win. After the three game slide, A nice couple of wins keeps our season alive. Now that we're halfway through, I wanted to take a look back and see what moves we made during the Off-season and how they've worked out for us. All of these are my personal opinion and if I forget one, feel free to put it in the comments.

The First and Most Obvious

Keeping Antonio Cromartie Instead Of Getting Nhamdi Asomugha

I'll say this first-I bet Nhamdi wishes he came here instead of Philly. But in My opinion, Cro has been the Better player IN THE SYSTEM they play in. This analysis when it comes to the actual players is hard because Philly seemed content running alot of zone (at least from what I've seen and heard) when, and Nhamdi has not done a very good job at this, see Victor Cruz. This is what makes the difference however, a guy needs to make sure no matter what type of plays your teams run-you should play to your potential. I was going to make a Revis-Asomugha comparison here but this is about comparing him to Cromartie. Cro has had a rough start to say the least-we all know how much he's been mugging receivers to the point of flags coming out. But to his positives, he's had a good couple of games. After getting his ankles broken by Deion Branch against the Pats, he's done a good job against an Abysmal Dolphins team and a great job against the Chargers-besides an amazing catch by Floyd. I'm not sure of the numbers, but I'm pretty sure that getting Cro also saved a ton of money. This could lead to keeping Revis and the other core members long term.

What Do I think about this Pick? The Jets Were Right In Letting Go of Nhamdi.



Signing Santonio Holmes to A long Term Contract-Not Braylon Edwards

I'm going to split this into multiple parts. This is the first. When the Jets kept Santonio, we kept him hoping he could evolve into a true number one receiver. To be honest, he never was that. He always had Hines Ward or Braylon to help take the coverage away. So far, it seems like that's been a good gamble. He seems to come up with big plays, some that are called back, but he still has that good old big play potential. The problem however, was his maturity. Was the guy who was traded to us for a 5th mature enough to handle all the fame that came with a big contract? So far, no. He hasn't at all. After Several games, he's come out and complained about the O-line and other parts of the team-something a Captain shouldn't be doing. If not for these past couple of wins, it would have looked like a nuclear bomb went off in our locker room. It would NOT be pretty right now, now it's only armed and dangerous, waiting for another collapse. I'm not saying that Braylon would have been more mature after getting a big contract, he's had his own problems-especially during the off-season with a Bar fight and all sorts of trouble happening around him causing him to get almost NO attention once free agency began. As well, this contract was a HUGE contract against receivers. 5 years 50 million with 24 million guaranteed. That's ALOT of money. But the genius that Trader Mike is-it only cost us 2.45 Million in Cap.

Were the Jets right in giving Holmes the Contract? Personally, after the comments he made-I'd say No. I've always been hard on Holmes on dropped passes and fumbles but a few great game-saving plays and I'm sure he'll be on my good side again. But, then again, since he is still on the Jets I still get to go to the Santonio Holmes Charity Event on 11/7. Gonna get a picture with him so I hope he doesn't read my comments lol.

Signing Plaxico Burress instead of Braylon Edwards

As I said above-this is the second part of the Edwards saga. After we signed Holmes-it seemed like Braylon was a goner. There was no chance of him giving a discount to stay with the Jets. He said himself "It's Not going to Happen". The Jets weren't willing to pay him number one receiver money. That's what Holmes got. He was still going to get a decent contract but his pride wouldn't let him come and play behind Holmes. So much for "Hometown Discount". Instead he got into trouble with the law-struggles to find a team who'd take him-and eventually settled with the 49ers for a one year one milion dollar contract. Understand this-He WOULD NOT have taken that deal from the Jets. Plain and simple. So who could we have picked up? TO and Moss were partially available (one retired/one injured)-and both had played last season. Plaxico Burress was our answer. We signed him to a one year $3 million contract. I won't compare how Braylon has played to Plax as I can't. He's been hurt, something that may not have happened if he had stayed here. But Plax has been very Hot-Cold this season. One game he helps win it for us, and then the next three weeks he's gone and has a ton of drops. Now he pulled in 3 TDs in one game. Crazy Right? Now he leads the Jets (Non-QB) with 5 TDs with a 2 TD lead on Holmes.

Was Plax Worth it? The Books still out-But RIGHT NOW, I say no. We could have used consistency in the locker room and better hands. Braylon had ONE drop all season. Pretty dang good. But again, if Plax has more games like this week, it'd be hard to say this at the end of the season.

And Now For the Not as Important Signings And Non-Signings

Lets Keep the Offensive Flow going

J-Co for Derrick Mason (For Jeremy Kerley)

I'll start this fast. I'd say a good move. J-Co was already hurt. He has yet to produce or even get on the field at all. No catches going into the 8th week. Not good at all. While Mason was a Bust, we may have found an Upgrade at receiver in the Slot in Kerley. Crackback had a whole post on this, the dude's a prophet-not gonna get into more detail. Read his post if you didn't.

I'm going to have the same answer for the next three so bare with me here

John Conner Instead of T-Rich

This is another hard one. We seem to be using ALOT of Matt Mulligan to lead the running plays. But when I see Conner Finally get into the game, we get nice runs going. Am I wrong on that? But I'm not going to focus on the play. The problem with this move is how we have almost no leadership, and I won't change my mind on this because we've won two games and we aren't talking. We shouldn't be blasting each other during the losses, and that is what guys like T-Rich, Woody, Jenkins and Ellis all brought to the table as older leaders.

Wayne Hunter For Damian Woody

This one I'm sure I'll get some heat on. We all know about the way he's played. Terrible the first couple of weeks with all sorts of problems nearly getting Sanchez killed on multiple occasions. But could we have expected different from Woody? Could we have expected the Same-Great Woody? I don't think so. He was coming off of both an MCL injury followed closely by an Achilles injury that sidelined him the post season. That would not have been easy to come back from and to be Honest-I think it's a great idea he didn't come back. He needs to take care of himself first-making sure he'll have legs to stand on later in life. I have the same feelings towards Jenkins. The problems again, is leadership. Take everything I just said for T-Rich, put it here and include in the Next one.

Mohammed Wilkerson And Kendrick Ellis For Shaun Ellis And Kris Jenkins

Insert Leadership Rants here. Insert Kendrick Ellis jokes here. In Full honesty I thought this is a great move. We may have found a few pieces to the next New York Sack Exchange in this years draft. OK maybe not but still, they seem to be progressing well. Say what you want, as these two get older and have an actual off-season to prepare and work out, watch out they'll be good.

What do I think of these three? The Jets made the smart, business decision. I don't like how we haven't had any leadership. It's definitely been a problem. However many of these guys were OLD and several were hurt and injury prone. I loved Jenkins but He couldn't stay on the field. Bringing in these younger guys may show problems in leadership now, but as time goes on and they get more years under their belts, we'll be fine.

Letting Go Of Drew Coleman, Trading Dwight Lowery-Promoting Kyle Wilson and Getting Donald Strickland

I believe this has worked out amazingly for us. Not having Lowery as a safety hurt, especially against the pass. For all you Leonhard-Smith haters out there, I'll say it again, it's been ATROCIOUS. But under the radar-Kyle Wilson has had a great season. Even Strickland hasn't been horrible. And Hey, we have Joe McKnight taking Coleman/Lowery's role and blitzing the QB! The Now Jaguar pair haven't been ridiculously good either. I mean Coleman has been a playmaker still with 2 FF and A sack and a game clinching INT against the Ravens, and Dwight Lowery Leads the team with 2 INTS.

The Jets Were Right in this move. If we can find A true Pass covering safety like Kerry Rhodes was, without the Diva attitude, we can have a really dangerous safety tandem. Jim Leonhard had his best season when Rhodes was covering TEs and can be a playmaker in the box.

Keeping Nick Folk And Giving T.J. Conley Punting Job

While He hasn't needed any real clutch kicks like in the Colts Playoff game (Nevermind-he kicked the game winner in Dallas, how'd I forget that? But BESIDES that), he's been really good this season. He's 10/10 on field goals and had one bad kickoff, but he's really kept the ball deep. T.J. has had his problems. He's averaging 43.5 yards per punt and has 4 TBs. He also has 13 within the 20 yard line.

Jets Made the right move. Folk isn't folking up and Conley hopefully will be better. Both save cap room as well.

Brad Smith For Joe McKnight

Almost forgot about this one. I'll also involve the Danny Woodhead decision from last year on this one. Why? Because we've caught lightning in a bottle here. Who would have thought last season when Joe was throwing up in training camp that he'd be a major contributor on this team. I hope no one is against this, but giving up both Brad Smith AND Danny Woodhead was a good idea with the way this guy is playing. I mean seriously, he over 520 kick return Yards with a long of 107. He's also played on defense and helped force a Joe Flacco pick six. And Do I have to mention the punt block? If I do, it's down below. Joe should be making the Pro-bowl this season.

Let me tell you something-That was the loudest I've heard that stadium. EVER. Over the Brett Favre Pic. Over The Tom Brady Force fumble. What a play. Great move by the Jets.

Well, that's all I can think of. If you've got any more, feel free to say so down in the comments below. I seem to make a habit of writing these well past midnight so disregard any typos lol, you'll know what I mean. I'll come back to this after the season ends and hopefully we're celebrating a nice Superbowl win. So what do you think, am I out of my mind for saying we have the potential for a dangerous safety combo and think that giving Holmes all that money was a bad thing? Or do I have a point somewhere?

*Special Additions*

So I was trying to sleep after a long day, when it hit me. I missed two big ones, one that really didn't happen in the off-season but all the same pretty important

Tom Moore to Monitor The Offense

I don't know how much this has really happened. Again, it doesn't seem like a coincidence that when he makes a visit to the Jets-we have a pretty good game offensively against the Chargers. As well, Dustin Keller credited his early success to Moore's influence in teaching him how to Run Routes. Keller Leads the team receiving stats, he has 25 receptions for 372 yards. The problem is that he was only involved last week in the offense. The three weeks before that, he had 2 catches against the Ravens and Dolphins and Only one against New England. Will that Change in future weeks? I hope so, it seems like every time he's involved we win games.

It seems like Moore has helped the O. I can't imagine what it might have been without him. But then again, if the Jets brought someone from GGN to help call the offense I wouldn't mind, especially someone like Crackback.

Switching the Kraken with Mayhem

The biggest bust in NYJ history? Vernon Gholston. One Of the biggest Busts in Bills History? Aaron Maybin. What happens when Gholston goes somewhere else? He gets cut by the Bears, probably thinking he didn't have a fair chance. What happens when Maybin comes to the Jets? Why would we risk picking up another Vernon Gholston? I mean come on-he's been just as bad right? Not here. He becomes a dangerous pass rusher, one of the only ones on the team, as well as a team player. Every game I see Maybin lead the team out of the tunnel and then cheer on his team as he's running out. I never saw any emotion out of Gholston, EVER. This dude Maybin is hungry. He Could be Really good here. He already has 3 sacks and 3 forced fumbles playing in 4 games. That's pretty good for anyone, not just a situational pass rusher. He could get 10 sacks this season, something we haven't had since John Abraham in 2005.

I know I'm Not missing Gholston that's for sure. I can't say enough about this move. Great move that may have discovered our guy. Rex Will have a great time morphing this kid into a star.

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