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Tom Moore's Visit Was Scheduled

Cimini warns people about reading too much into Tom Moore's visit as it pertains to Brian Schottenheimer's status.

Here's the deal: Moore's visit was scheduled prior to the season, long before the Jets' offensive struggles began. In fact, they're trying to schedule another visit for him later in the season. Moore wasn't on the field during the game and, no, he wasn't secretly calling plays from the press box. Enough of the grassy knoll theories.

As much as people would love for Moore to take over play calling, there really is not much of a reason for him to want the job. He makes a nice salary sitting at home for the most part with little responsibility. Would he really want the grind of moving to New Jersey and game planning each week?

It is impossible to say how much influence Moore had, but it does seem like more than a coincidence that the offense made such drastic changes in its play calling once Moore arrived. He probably had some impact on the decision to take more shots down field. On the other hand, the Jets having their best run blocking game of the year also makes the play calling look a lot better.