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Flight Connections 10-24-11

ESPN shares audio of HC Rex Ryan and members of Gang Green.

NY Sport Space: QB Mark Sanchez is not a terrible quarterback.

New York Times: Jets revive their offense and their attitude.

Wall Street Journal: For once, home field has its advantages.

Daily News: The Jets are back in the playoff picture, thanks to WR Plaxico Buress.

SB Nation wonders what happened to WR Santonio Holmes. My guess would be drawing the defenders away, seeing as that football is a team sport.

WR Jeremy Kerley has taken over for that old guy who apparently never played for New York. Except that Jere-Kerl actually catches the football.

RB Shonn Greene grounded and pounded for over 100 yards.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson caught his 600th football despite being under the weather. I wonder if he had some Campbell's chunky soup.

Plax and CB Darrelle Revis are two of five most valuable players from yesterday.

CB Kyle Wison had an interception late in the game.

The Reno Gazette-Journal writes about hometown boy LB Josh Mauga.

The Bergen Record looks back on the game.

The Post looks back on the game.

The Jets Blog looks back on the game.

ESPN New York shares a list of injured players.

CBS analyst Charley Casserly writes about Gang Green's winning formula.

ESPN analyst Mike Ditka didn't think the Jets could run the football or stop the run.

Mike Lupica thinks the Jets looked super yesterday.

Peter King writes about Plaxico. He also shares other "thoughts", but I would read them with a grain of salt, seeing as he thought the Jets would lose to the Dolphins.

Mark Cannizzaro writes about one of the defense's source of motivation.

Associated Press: The Chargers say penalties and turnovers beat them, and not the Jets.

Yahoo!: There was no effort from San Diego HC Norv Turner.

Former Chargers HC Marty Schottenheimer has won a championship in the UFL.

Lastly, my apologies for disappearing form the site sometimes. My regular 9-to-5 job gets in the way sometimes. But hey, at least I don't have to sell myself out, right? ;-)