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San Diego Chargers at New York Jets Second Half Thread

You name it. Turnovers, a penalty wiping out a touchdown, a defense that can't do anything right since the first drive, a bottled up return game. The Jets are down 21-10 at the half, and the score tells the story.

Strangely enough, it is the offense that has shown signs of life today. The play calling has also been pretty good. The Jets continue to not execute in situations where they need to do so. They just cannot get out of their own way. I am not just talking about the first half. It has been the story of the entire season. Something needs to seriously change at halftime, or else we are looking down the barrel of a 3-4 start as the bye week looms.

San Diego gets it to start the second half. Here goes nothing.

Leave your thoughts below. As always, do not provide links to illegal streams of the game.