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Martin Tevaseu Back on Active Roster; Logan Payne on Injured Reserve

A few days after cutting him to the practice squad, the Jets have signed Martin Tevaseu back to the active roster.

DL Martin Tevaseu has been promoted to the active roster for Sunday's game vs. Chargers. Teams also announces Logan Payne on IR.

This is a clear sign that Mike Devito's status tomorrow is quite iffy. This was a move for depth.

It also raises a real question about why the Jets saved a roster spot for Payne so long. I liked what he did in the preseason, but why save a guy a spot for six weeks and only then IR him? Why did the Jets put Robert Turner on IR first? Turner was a much more important player. We will probably never know, and it really is not a terribly big deal. It is just kind of odd.

I am happy to see MTV back. I really like his potential, and there is no such thing as too much defensive line depth.