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Antonio Gates Unlikely to See Full Action

Antonio Gates is likely to see limited action this week if that.

A healthy Gates presents a matchup nightmare for the Jets. We all know by now the strength of the linebackers and safeties on the team is not coverage, particularly against an athletic freak like Gates. Even a slightly compromied Gates is reason for concern in the few game reps he gets.

The tight end being limited makes the defense's task a bit simpler. It makes it more likely Darrelle Revis sees more time against Vincent Jackson if Jackson plays himself. If Gates was 100%, I could see the physical Revis getting time in that linebacker/corner hybrid spot Charles Woodson plays a lot for Green Bay.

Two years ago in the Playoffs, Kerry Rhodes played a huge game for the Jets. Part of the excellent job he did was handling Gates. Rhodes is now gone. On top of this, the Chargers now can run the ball effectively unlike two years ago, which makes going smaller more difficult. An unhealthy Gates makes things much simpler.