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What to Make of Plaxico Burress?

Ed Valentine of SB Nation: New York notes some writers are asking whether Plaxico Burress might be finished.

Ed's take:

We will just have to wait and see if Burress is right, or if he really is "shot." Thing is, though, I think his early-season struggles thus far were entirely too predictable. The real surprise, to me, is why anyone would be surprised with the way he has played thus far.

Ed is 100% correct. I also do not think Plaxico has been as terrible as people have made him out to be. There are clearly some timing issues running routes and catching the ball. There are still stretches where he has played very well like the fourth quarter against the Cowboys.

I think part of the issue is also usage. I am not sure the Jets are using him correctly. He is a guy you just throw the ball up to and let him use his size to make a play. How many times have we actually seen them try it? Plax at this point is not a guy you send out there to run past a guy or take a slant to the house. Mark Sanchez's inconsistency has played a role. So has the amount of weapons the Jets have. With so many receivers to spread the ball to, it is tough to judge on numbers.

What do you think?