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Will Vincent Jackson Be on Revis Island?

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When the Jets played the Chargers two years ago in the Playoffs, they did not bring Vincent Jackson to Revis Island. There were moments where Jackson matchup up with Revis, but the Jets did not have Revis shadow him like they do with other top receivers. Rex Ryan later said this was part of the plan, implying the team did not think Jackson was at that top level. It will be interesting to see whether that changes this weekend.

There are compelling reasons to potentially have Revis shadow Jackson. They mainly deal with the way the Chargers use him. The receiver has some of the best leaping ability in the game and is very strong. Philip Rivers is not afraid to throw him the ball when it appears he is heavily covered and trusts Jackson to make a play. Revis had an interception against Jackson in that Playoff game by winning a battle for a contested ball.

Revis is as good as there is at breaking up passes and winning battles when the ball is in the air. Ultimately the decision might rely upon the injury report. Jackson is dealing with a hamstring problem. Antonio Gates has been dealing with a foot issue. If Jackson seems healthy, and Gates is out, the Chargers might in the passing game look to Jackson even more to pick up the slack. That is the most likely scenario for Revis Island to appear. If Jackson is less healthy, the chances diminish.