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The Runway: Five Questions With Baltimore Beat Down

My final question for Bruce of Baltimore Beat Down deals with his team's performance so far.

The Ravens have had a pair of dominant wins and one ugly loss. What happened in that loss to the Titans? How did the Ravens correct what went wrong there to blow out the Rams last week?

Every team seems to have that one yucky game each year. We all lose a game we are expected to win and win a game we are expected to lose. The Ravens did the exact same thing last year when they went to the New Meadowlands and beat the Jets on MNF to open the 2010 season (remember that?) and then laid an egg against the Cincinnati Bengals in week two. However, we did finish 12-4, so while everyone was pissed at the lack of effort and what appeared to be a flat performance all around, we're not worried and the rebound against the Rams, despite St. Louis not exactly being a tough team, was proof positive. (Oh by the way,...Ravens 27-16)

Much of what Bruce says is true here. You might remember the Jets having that yucky game in Foxborough last season. I am not sure the Ravens are as good as they looked against the Steelers and Rams, but that is closer to the real Ravens than what they showed against the Titans.

Thanks to the (overconfident?) Bruce Raffel for answering these questions.