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The Runway: Five Questions With Baltimore Beat Down, Part 3

My third question for Bruce Raffel of Baltimore Beat Down deals with defensive changes this year. Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison left to take the same job at the University of Michigan. Chuck Pagano now runs Baltimore's defense.

What are the differences in Chuck Pagano's defense compared to departed defensive coordinator Greg Mattison's?

Ironically, Pagano is more like Ryan than he is like Mattison. He likes the "Organized Chaos" style that Rex Ryan had here and brought to New York. He is smaller in stature than Ryan but brings a tough, punch 'em in the mouth attitude that Ravens fans wanted to see last year and appears to have returned in 2011.

Baltimore has a reputation for having a physical defense, and I do not expect that to change anytime soon. As Rex Ryan says fondly remembering his time with the Ravens, having Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata, and Terrell Suggs is a coach's dream.