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2011 NFL Trade Deadline Passes

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The 2011 NFL trading deadline has come and gone. Barring some last minute deal that snuck in, the Jets remained silent. That is pretty much par for the course. There are seldom big impact in season trades. This leaves the Jets to try and fix what is wrong with what they have.

Frankly, the odds of adding somebody like Robert Mathis or Jared Allen felt long. Teams with losing records can turn it around quickly in the league. There is no reason for their current teams to trade premium talent for a pick. They might have use for these players a year from now, particularly Mathis' team if Peyton Manning returns. Despite the rumors, I would imagine it would have taken an enormous package to land either guy,

It could be worse. The Jets could have potentially given up a pair of first round picks for a quarterback who has not been good in four years like a certain other team did today.