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Worst Case Scenario

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If the Jets can survive the next three games, the schedule really gets soft for the end of the year. The last seven games consist of three games against really bad teams, Denver, Kansas City, and Miami, three against inconsistent NFC East teams, Washington, Philadelphia, and the Giants, and one against a Bills team nobody can be sure is for real. The Jets could be poised to make a run late in the year. Some might think the worst thing that could happen to the team is to miss the Playoffs this season. I disagree. Missing the Playoffs is low on my personal list of wants, but I think there is a worse outcome.

There is a fundamental problem with this team right now at the offensive coordinator spot. There is no need to rehash it. We have discussed it at length. We will probably continue to do so. Even though Brian Schottenheimer has good weeks, there is always the danger of him reverting to bad form lurking in the background. Last year heading into the AFC Championship Game, he was doing a good job. We all know what happened there.

What I really want the team to avoid is beating up on the soft late schedule, going out early in the Playoffs as the typical Schottenheimer problems manifest. It will be easy then for the front office to deny there is a problem and give him a new contract. Just look at some of the people who defend his body of work by noting the team's AFC Championship Game appearances.

My first choice is for the team to win it all. It is possible if a ton of things break the right way. It is difficult to win without an offensive coordinator who maximizes his team's strengths. It just makes things more difficult. It is like winning a fight with one hand tied behind one's back. If this season does not end in a championship, I at least want the people in charge to acknowledge there is a problem and address it. I am deeply concerned a good run that is the product of the schedule will mask the issue. The Jets need to get that other hand untied.

I will never root against the Jets. I hope they can overcome this great flaw. It is just a year of underperformance might be better for this franchise long term than an early postseason exit if it means actually addressing a problem.