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Antonio Cromartie Nursing Groin Injury

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You may have noticed Antonio Cromartie out of the lineup late in the game. He apparently suffered a groin injury, but it is not too serious per Jane McManus.

Antonio Cromartie said the groin injury isn't going to keep him out of any games, like next Sunday against the Chargers

This is good news. With San Diego's high octane passing game coming into town, the Jets need all hands on deck for their pass defense.

I believe the television crew last night noted the distinction between football heathy and every day healthy. These guys take so many hits over the course of the season that eventually everybody is playing with some sort of ailment. That is why the bye week can be so important. It is a chance for these guys to rest up. Cromartie can suit up and go all out next week knowing he will have a week off coming up to rest.