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Santonio Holmes and Brandon Moore Friends Again

Cimini notes the Holmes-Moore feud might be over.

The Holmes-Moore feud apparently ended on Monday night around 8:25.

That's when both men took the field as Jets team captains, representing the team for the pregame coin toss.

"We both looked each other in the eye and said let’s go, it’s time to play football," Holmes said.

I loved the decision by Rex Ryan to make them both captains for the game. It was a reminder that everybody is on the same team and expected to carry part of the load.

Holmes complimented the offensive line after the game. Rod Boone says Moore called Holmes a great teammate.

I think fighting happens with any family or group of friends. It gets magnified when things are not going well because everybody is frustrated. The best cure for it is winning. You seldom see rifts like the one this past week when things are going well.