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Back in the Win Column

It was far from a thing of beauty for most of the night, but the Jets snapped their three game losing streak tonight against the Dolphins. New York is now 3-3 after the 24-6 victory. It is easy to forget how bad the Jets looked at times in the first half. It is easy to forget there were a few plays where the Dolphins were inches away from taking a commanding lead that would have made the Jets and the fans in the stadium tighter than a drum. With all of this said, the Jets and their fans have something to feel good about for the first time in a month.

During the second half, something strange started to happen. The Jets actually started to play well and developed some confidence. We need to see more. There is plenty to fix. Against most teams in the league, a first half effort like that would have gotten the Jets blown out. Let us focus on the positives for now, though.

Celebrate below. I will have the official recap up as soon as possible.